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Virtually everything you do with language requires vocabulary! If I had to choose between knowing vocabulary or grammar to get my point across, I'd choose vocabulary any day.

The vocabulary activities are based on the 1000 to 2000 word range of the most common words of English (according to the General Service List).


Reward yourself with a good book. That's right — reading is entertaining!

Both intensive and extensive reading are included in the Reading pages. The "Just read it!" program at FCU encourages you to read as many simplified novels as you can. These pages explain why this should help you, show you student examples of novel


Writing can be fun! Try participating in an interactive story. This is a story that everyone writes together. Try writing a paragraph or two. Finish off at an interesting point and leave two choices for the next writer. Make sure you come back in a few days to see how the story is developing! (If you are getting marked on it, you must include your student ID.)


Lively songs and old-time detective radio plays are can be found on this site to help you develop your listening. As you listen to the songs, try to fill in the missing words. You can find the radio plays under "Vocabulary >> Vocab Builder: Crime". There are also audio files with the VOA readings in "Reading Ventures >> Advanced Readings".

"Nothing ventured, nothing gained." — used to say that you cannot achieve anything unless you take risks

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