Advanced Readings

Academic Articles:


In this section, you will find many news level English articles. Many are from Voice of America radio. In each article, approximately 5%-10% of the words are on the Academic Word List (AWL). After the first 2000 most common words of English, these are the most useful words you could learn for reading academic texts. Reading at this level will help you learn this vocabulary.

If you also want to focus on these words by doing some vocabulary exercises, you will find a link to UVic's AWL exercises in the External Links section of the menu. Just mouse over External Links >> Vocabulary Sites >> AWL Exercises.

Speacial Features:

  1. In these articles, every word is linked to the dictionary. Just click once on any 'green'word, and the definition will show up in the dictionary window on the right.
  2. Words from the Academic Word List (AWL) are highlighted in bold. This is to help you notice them. Noticing is an important step in learning them.
  3. Many articles come with PDF files that you can open in Adobe Reader. [If you do not already have Adobe Reader, you can download it for free. Click on Adobe Reader to go to their site.] These PDF files show which sublist of the AWL each highlighted word belongs to. You can print these files.


The articles have been arranged in four groups — Business, Technology, Science, and Humanities. The table of contents for each section can be reached by using the menu on the left (Reading Ventures >> Advanced Readings >> Business, etc).