"But they talk too fast!"


"Really? Then you need either Windows Media Player or Express Scribe!"
Both programs can slow down the audio.

Windows Media Player is already on your Windows computer.

Whenever you want to slow down an audio file...

  1. Just open the .mp3 in Windows Media Player. If your computer is not set up this way, you may need to download the .mp3 to your desktop first, and then open it in Windows Media Player.
  2. In the "Now Playing" mode, right-click on the pop-up player. Select "Enhancements" and then "Play Speed Settings".
  3. Control the speed with the slider.

Express Scribe (NCH Software) is freeware. This software program is meant for secretaries doing dictation (ťg), but it can work for you too. Express Scribe can play many kinds of audio files, including the .mp3 and the .ra files on this site.

Whenever you want to slow down an audio file...

  1. First, download the file to your computer (right-click and "Save As...").
  2. Then open it in Express Scribe by clicking on the "Load" button and browsing to the audio file.
  3. Control the speed with the slider in the bottom right corner of the software.
  4. The program can be made to look very small by clicking on the "Scribe Mini" button.
  5. In the Options, you can choose to keep Express Scribe floating on top of other programs so you can always see it.