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Lively songs and old-time detective radio plays can be found on this site to help you develop your listening. As you listen to the songs, try to fill in the missing words. You can find the radio plays under "Listening Ventures >> Detective Stories". There are also audio files with the VOA readings in "Reading Ventures >> Advanced Readings". The highlighted words in these readings are from the Acacemic Word List (AWL). They should be the next words you study after the GSL 2000 list if you need English for reading academic texts.

I must admit, the listening section is not vey developed yet, so I have included "Speaks For Itself", a Text-to-Speech engine. Unfortunately, it only works in Internet Explorer (IE) and the first time you use it, you have to download the speech plugin. Once you have it set up, it will read any text for you that you copy and paste into the text box. You can even slow it down if it reads too fast. More listening links can also be found under External Links.