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Virtually everything you do with language requires vocabulary! If I had to choose between knowing vocabulary or grammar to get my point across, I'd choose vocabulary any day.

The vocabulary activities are based on the 1000 to 2000 word range of the most common words of English (according to the General Service List). Start with the GSL Flashcards (on the WordChamp website) to initially learn the words. When you think you know them well enough, try a Vocabulary Reading on the same topic. Vocabulary Readings give you the opportunity to see at least half of the wordlist vocabulary used in context. Seeing words used in context will help you learn more about the word. The computer will check your reading comprehension if you answer the follow-up questions. If your comprehension was low, you can do the exercise again. The score that goes to your teacher will be your most recent score. As a review on another day (the best time to do this would be about 3 days later) try a crossword puzzle on the same topic. The computer will time you and you can check your puzzle when you are done.