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Dog Days Never End At Seoul Cafe

Multiple Choice
Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.


According to the listening, the Bau House Cafe is a place that will look after your dog for you while you are out of town.


People come to eat at this cafe with their dogs.


There are 15 dogs that live at the cafe.


Choku, the Irish Setter, is always the first to get at the treats.


Annie, the Beagle, has two sons.


There are dogs on tables,  on couches, underfoot, and on the window sill.


Some dog lovers who don’t have a dog of their own come to the cafe.


The Bauhouse Cafe specialty is dog meat.


Fruit flavored shaved ice is a dessert that is popular across Asia.


The paint on the walls is waterproof so that if a dog pees on the wall, it is easy to clean.


The dogs behave very formally at the restaurant.


The dogs got into a fight when a cat came into the restaurant.


One customer comes every week even though his dog died.


The cafe owner can tell you many stories about the dogs.


Hart, a Border Collie, is the most intelligent dog at the cafe.
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