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Model Book Report 1

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  • Book Title: St. Agnes' Stand   Level:  3 

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Summary: Tell the main points in a short paragraph of 5-8 sentences.
Note: Do not copy or translate!
The story is about a man named Nat Swanson who saved three nuns and seven children while he himself was running for his life. As soon as he saw sister St. Agnes in danger from the Apaches, he knew he should not leave her alone. Then he found there were more people who needed help, so he stayed for them and fought the Apache. After six days, he succeeded in taking the nuns and children to a safe place.

My favorite character...
My favorite character is Nat Swanson. He is the main character in this story. He has a lot of courage. He protected the nuns and children with his life. There was no fear in him. He just knew he must save them. I think he is a true hero, so I like him very much.

In my opinion...
I think it is a pretty good story. Its description is vivid and interesting. It is almost perfect. There is only one thing that I wish could be improved. That is, it could go into more detail. I want to know more about this story.