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Model Book Report 2

This student's work is being showcased here as a model book report. Mouse over it to find tips on what it is that makes it a good report. Grammatical mistakes have been corrected. Thank-you to the student who let me use her work.

  • Book Title: Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less   Level:  3 

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Summary: Tell the main points in a short paragraph of 5-8 sentences.
Note: Do not copy or translate!

Four people bought Prospecta Oil shares. The oil company was run by Harvey Metcalfe. He was a clever but not so honest businessman. As the share price was growing, Harvey closed the company and took all of their money. They met together and decided to take all their money back, not a penny more, not a penny less. With all the planning they did, they probably got some money back, but they lost even more. After some time, they gave up on this plan. Finally, their shares went up, so they lost nothing.

My favorite character...
My favorite character is James. Although he was a little negative in all the planning, he always had no idea. But in other ways, he was a good guy. For example, he was very generous. He decided not to live for money. He chose a new life making a warm family. That is the kind of thing you are unable to buy even if you\'re a millionairre.

In my opinion...
This is a great book and there are a lot of morals in it. If my friend wanted to read an English novel, I would introduce this book to him.