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Dog Days Never End at Seoul Cafe

By Reena Advani, Morning Edition

August 16, 2005

It's rare to find a cafe that caters to both people and dogs. The Bau House Cafe, however, is just such a place. It's in a trendy part of South Korea's capital, Seoul. Fifteen dogs actually live at the cafe, while countless four-legged friends drop by each week. All the dogs are friendly, and the manager says it's not just dog owners who come by; the cafe is popular with people who can't afford a dog of their own. This is a full-service cafe, with people sipping drinks and slurping noodles. There's no dog meat on the menu, though it remains a delicacy at some Korean restaurants. Everything in the cafe is waterproof, even the paint on the wall. Rows of toilet paper hang down a column, along with a mop and towels. The vinyl floors are spotless. Some customers drop their dogs off for a few hours while they run errands, or for longer stays when they go on vacation. Even a Persian cat recently made an appearance, stirring some interest but no fights. These are well-trained and well-behaved dogs who reign over the cafe.

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