Vocabulary Reading:

Vocabulary Reading: Accidental

This article uses words from the 1000-2000 range of the General Service List. Read it. Then answer the comprehension questions.

High Speed Chase

The Mercedes went faster and faster, but the gangsters weren't far behind. Then the driver of the Mercedes lost control on a sharp bend in the road. The high speed chase ended up in disaster. The car crashed into the rock wall. Then it rolled across the road and burst into flame as it flew off the cliff to the ocean below. As soon as it hit the water, the flames quickly died out. Even so, it had exploded so suddenly that the gangsters doubted anyone was still alive. They looked over the cliff for any signs of life, and then left.

The police had a rescue team on the scene right away. Some divers went down and searched until they found the car. Then they slipped a hook onto the car. The hook was connected to a big machine called a crane. As the crane pulled the car up out of the ocean's depths, water spilled out of the car. The car was a wreck. The front seat passenger was already dead, but the driver was still alive. He had had just enough air that he had not drowned. Although he had lived through the accident, his leg had been crushed by the car engine. The rescue workers hurried to get him out by using the 'jaws of life', a machine that pulls the crushed metal apart.

He was a nervous wreck. Someone offered him a cigarette. As he smoked it, his hand shook and the ashes fell to the ground. He noticed a policeman walking toward him. No doubt, he had a lot of questions to ask him.

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