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Agriculture 1

This article uses words from the 1000-2000 range of the General Service List. Read it. Then answer the comprehension questions.

One Morning on a Farm

The farmer was feeding his animals. He carried some hay over to a fenced enclosure and fed it to his donkey. He turned on a tap and added more water to the barrel for his donkey to drink. His goat had been tied up in the same place for two days and the grass was now short. He untied the knot and moved the goat to a place with more grass. He gave him some water too. Next, he filled a bucket with grain and carried it out to the field where the cattle were. He spread it out in the feed trough so that they could all get some. The first cow came over and started to eat. The others soon followed. When he walked back to the barn, the ducks started following him around. They wanted some grain too. The farmer tossed some grain on the ground for them to eat and they all started to fighting over it greedily.

Now that the animals were all fed, the farmer went back to his house to have his own breakfast. After breakfast, he would go out to cultivate the back field. The roots of last yearˇ¦s crop were now decayed making the soil richer in nutrients, but the ground needed to be broken up so more seeds could be planted. The farmer would pull the cultivator behind the tractor and to break up any big lumps of dirt. After cultivating, the field would be ready to plant this yearˇ¦s crop.

The farmer enjoyed working the land. Agriculture was his life. He enjoyed getting out on the land in the spring after the snow had melted and the low, wet spots had dried up. He liked to see the crops grow through the warm summer days. But most of all he enjoyed the reward at the end — the harvest. He liked autumn the best because the harvest was what it was all about.

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