Vocabulary Reading:

Clothing and Accessories 1

This article uses words from the 1000-2000 range of the General Service List. Read it. Then answer the comprehension questions.

A Study in Contrasts

A fashionable woman sat waiting for someone on the sofa in the hotel lobby. She wore a wide-brimmed hat with a scarf wrapped loosely around it. Her soft leather coat had a fur collar. The buttons were undone and the belt wasn’t tied at the waist so you could see that her dress was made of imitation leopard skin. She had brown leather dress shoes and a small handbag. Her jewelry glittered in the lights of the lobby. She looked like a classy model.

An elderly man walked through the hotel door wearing an old gray suit with baggy pants that needed a belt. A white handkerchief was stuffed in his pocket. His leather shoes should have been mended long ago. The collar of his faded blue shirt looked worn. Being the gentleman that he was, he took off his hat and greeted the woman with a bow. She gave a slight nod of acknowledgement. Then he sat down on the other end of the sofa to rest. The two of them were an interesting study in contrasts.

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