Vocabulary Reading:

Clothing and Accessories 2

This article uses words from the 1000-2000 range of the General Service List. Read it. Then answer the comprehension questions.

The Clowns

Two clowns, a man and a woman, held the children’s attention all afternoon. As they performed silly skits, the children’s voices rose and fell with laughter.

The female clown’s curly pink hair made her head look big. Around her neck, she wore an imitation pearl necklace. The checkered pattern of her pale orange and white shirt clashed with her striped pink and purple skirt. Her shirt had a big pocket sewn on the front with a silk handkerchief in it. Her tight purple stockings made her legs look especially thin and her clumsy shoes made her feet look too big.

The male clown wore a striped suit, but his tailor had not fit him right. The pants were far too short. Below them you could see that his socks didn’t match. One was white. The other was red. There was also a green stain on the knee of his pants. It looked like he had fallen on the grass. He had probably tripped over his long, pointed shoes. Loose threads showed that his shirt buttons were about to fall off. He wore a wide silk tie. His curly hair was dyed orange.

As I passed by, he was trying to hold his umbrella over both their heads to protect them from the sun. The female clown needed the umbrella, but she didn’t trust him getting so close to her. The two of them made quite a pair! They kept the children laughing for hours.

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