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Vocabulary Reading: Education 1

This article uses words from the 1000-2000 range of the General Service List. Read it. Then answer the comprehension questions.

Nate's Educationn

Nate sat through History class thinking about what he would do when the class was over. He didn't want to think about what had happened hundreds of years ago. He couldn't imagine how history could help him face the problems he had today. The education system wasn't working for Nate. He didn't do well in school and he had no ambition to do better.

The teacher picked up a piece of chalk and wrote some dates on the blackboard. They were important dates that the students should remember, but Nate didn't write them down. Instead, he sat there carefully examining the pencil he had borrowed from a classmate. Then the teacher called his name. She had to repeat her question because Nate hadn't been listening. If he ever tried to answer a question, he would get it wrong and she would correct him; when he read aloud, she would correct his pronunciation; and when he spoke, he would often use the word “ain't”, as in “It ain't raining yet.” Then the teacher would correct his grammar. “It isn't raining,” she would say. He found this teacher to be too critical. She didn't think he was trying hard enough. She put pressure on him by asking why he couldn't get excellent grades like his sister. (Nate's sister had attended this teacher's class two years before.) The teacher kept talking. She told him that if only he were more disciplined, he would improve. She tried to encourage him by saying that he still had a chance to pass the course.

From then on, she only asked him easy questions, but that didn't help when it came to tests. They were still too hard. He liked it when the test had “true or false” questions on it because he had a good chance at doing okay by guessing. But some questions were impossible to get right without cheating. If he cheated, he had to be very careful. He couldn't afford to get caught!

No matter what class it was or what teacher he had, Nate had a hard time paying attention in class. He really didn't want to be there. He often skipped class, and then invented complicated stories as to why he had been absent. As soon as the bell rang, he would jump up from his desk and leave. He never waited for the teacher to dismiss the class.

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