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Entertainment 1

This article uses words from the 1000-2000 range of the General Service List. Read it. Then answer the comprehension questions.

Christmas Eve

A white blanket of snow covered the streets and root tops. It was a beautiful background scene for the events of the Christmas holiday.

That afternoon, the Santa Claus parade made its way through the town. Bands marched to the beat of the drum. They played old songs that had been composed a century before but that were still popular for the season. Floats pulled by horses or small trucks were decorated with well-known Christmas scenes. On the last float in the parade came the jolly old man with the white beard and the red suit that children are so fond of. The children applauded and smiled with delight as one of Santa’s helpers handed them bags of candy.

The special entertainment that evening was hosted by the Cultural Center. A dance troupe put on the Christmas story in song and dance. As the scene opened, the stage was bathed in a warm light and you could see what looked like small statues. Then the music started. It was a mix of traditional music and contemporary songs that they had composed just for this occasion. Then the figures started to dance and the audience finally realized they were real people, not statues. The story was moving and artistically done. When it ended, the audience’s applause filled the auditorium.

Before going to bed, parents let their children watch the amusing animated film, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, as they themselves had done years before. Then they all went to bed, but had a hard time falling asleep because they were anticipating a visit from Santa that night.

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