Vocabulary Reading:

Vocabulary Reading: Review

This article uses words from the 1000-2000 range of the General Service List. Read it. Then answer the comprehension questions.

Shipwrecked Summary

Eva, d9528279, 3572

A terrible storm has blown a sightseeing ship off course. The captain, "Skipper", and his crew, Gilligan, feel responsible to get themselves and their five tourists back to the mainland and civilization. But how? The captain orders everybody to put on the life vest, and invites everybody not to be flurried. The captain asks Gilligan to utilize the satellite telephone to cry for help. Everybody on the ship is praying, hoping the storm won't sink the ship before rescuers arrive. But their wish doesn't come true. The storm attacks the ship before any rescuers arrive. The people on the ship were not all lucky enough to escape. Some of them drowned. When rescuers arrived, they could only salvage the remains.

Daddy's Diary Summary

Eva, d9528279, 3572

A young girl finds her father's diary and learns things about her dad and herself that have been a deep secret all her life. The girl learns in the diary that he was not her real father. The girl is very sad, because she does not know how to face her father. She does not know whether she should tell him that she already knows this secret. Her father finally knows that she has already found out his secret. He hopes she can forgive him for not telling her this secret. The girl chose to forgive her father, and they lived a life of happiness from then on.