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Housekeeping 1

This article uses words from the 1000-2000 range of the General Service List. Read it. Then answer the comprehension questions.

Spring Cleaning

On a sunny Saturday morning in the spring, Susan drove up to the summer cottage and got out of her car. She opened the trunk of the car and pulled out her mop, a plastic basin, dust cloths, and cleaners. It was time to do the spring cleaning.

The cottage hadn’t been used all winter. She pulled her key out of her pocket, unlocked the door and walked into the kitchen. She turned on the radio to listen to her favorite broadcast as she worked. First, she took down the curtains to wash them. The sunshine filled the room and made it seem cheerier. After throwing them in the washing machine, she swept the floor. Then she filled the basin with water and added some floor cleaner. She began mopping the floor.

Susan opened the kitchen cupboard and got out the coffee-maker and a mug. She made herself a coffee and sat down on a kitchen chair to rest and to take a moment to admire her work. Already, the shiny clean floor made the place look a lot better.

When she finished her coffee, she got out a dust cloth and dusted the wooden furniture. Then she rubbed the brass bed frame with a cloth and some polish until it shone in the sunlight. She polished the copper kettle that sat on the brick fireplace, too.

She bent over and looked in the fireplace. Then she turned her head to look up the chimney. It was black from the smoke of last year¡¦s fires. She decided to call a chimney sweep to come and clean it. Then she wouldn¡¦t worry about starting a chimney fire every time they used it.

Now that everything was clean, she had a few new additions for the cottage. She put a new cushion on the sofa. Then she chose a place on the living room wall. She put a hook in the wall and hung a picture that she had just gotten framed. Then she found a place on the kitchen wall to hang a new clock.

As she hung the curtains back up in the windows, the angle of the sun was low in the western sky. It was time to be getting home. She looked forward to returning with her husband and children to spend carefree summer days here together.

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