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This article uses words from the 1000-2000 range of the General Service List. Read it. Then answer the comprehension questions.

A-hunting We Will Go

The hunters tracked the bird through the tall grass. Finally, they were able to get a good look at it. The ostrich stood taller than a man. With its head above the grasses, it scanned the grasslands carefully. The hunters tried not to move. They looked through the grass at the bird in the clearing. It had a nest in the tall grass that it was protecting. Its eggs or its young must be in the nest. An insect buzzed in one man'íŽs ear. He tried to brush it away. Suddenly the ostrich faced their direction, opened its beak wide and gave a loud squack. The noise was a warning that danger was near. It puffed up its feathers to try to look bigger. Then it stretched it wings and ran straight for the men hiding in the grass. It looked fierce. Luckily for the men, the ostrich didníŽt want to go far from its nest. When they scattered in all directions, it let them go.

The next day the hunters set a trap for a lion. After setting it, they crept away to hide in their lookout tower where they would be safe. By and by, the trap went off. They saw that they had caught something in their net. Unfortunately, it was a monkey. What a nuisance! They released the monkey from the trap, but put him in a cage because they didníŽt want him to set the trap off again. Then they reset the trap and went back to the safety of their lookout tower. As evening was approaching, a lion stepped on the trap and was lifted off the ground in the net that they had tied to a tree. The great beast roared and struggled to free himself, but the net was strong. When the lion had tired itself out, the hunters crept up to him and thrust a spear into his heart. Then they dropped the net to the ground and tied the lioníŽs paws to a pole. Holding their spears or bow and arrows in one hand, they raised the pole to their shoulders and began the long walk back to their village with their prize.

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