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Vocabulary Reading: Machines

This article uses words from the 1000-2000 range of the General Service List. Read it. Then answer the comprehension questions.

Getting a Tune Up

When I went to get on my scooter, I noticed that it had a flat tire. I pushed it into a scooter shop and the mechanic worked on it. He found out that my wheel had driven over a rusty nail. He pulled out the nail and then used a tool to force a plug into the hole. Then he put air in the tire and assured (保證) me it was good as new.

Since I was there anyway, I mentioned to him that my scooter was making a strange noise. I tried to describe it to him. He took it for a short drive to hear it for himself. When he returned, he started working on the engine. I stood by watching him work, his hands covered in grease. No wonder why mechanics get called 'grease monkeys'. Eventually, he looked up at me and told me he needed to replace a part. He took the old part out and showed it to me. He explained that it was too worn out to repair it; it would have to be replaced. He gave me two choices. I could buy a new one for about NT$2000 or a used one for NT$1000. He collected spare parts from scooters that had been in accidents and were headed for the junk yard. The second-hand part looked okay to me and it fit my budget (適合我的預算) better than the new one, so that is the one I chose. After replacing the part, the mechanic did some tune ups and tested the exhaust (排出的氣). Then he turned to me and said it was done. I thanked him and paid him.

I got on my scooter and started the engine. It sounded better than before. I backed out of the scooter shop and onto the road to take it for a test drive. I was immediately satisfied that he had done a good job. Now my engine doesn't make the funny grinding noise anymore, and it isn't even as loud as it used to be. It doesn't stall (熄火) while it's idling at a stop light either. I'm glad I got it fixed before I got stranded (處於困境) somewhere. Maybe the flat tire was a blessing in disguise (掩飾).

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