Vocabulary Reading:

Vocabulary Reading: Office Jobs

This article uses words from the 1000-2000 range of the General Service List. Read it. Then answer the comprehension questions.

My Secretary Will Do That!

When the punctual secretary arrived at her office at ten to nine, the telephone was already ringing. Her boss, the city mayor, had given a televised message last night, so the phone would be sure to be ringing off the hook all day today. She resigned herself to spending the day answering calls. Some callers would be angry. Others would be encouraging. She would have to handle whatever type of caller was on the other end of the line. She rushed to answer it. She picked up a pen and took down a few notes on a pad of paper that she had by the phone, outlining the caller's main points. The mayor would want to know the public's reaction to his speech. She stayed calm and thanked the angry caller for sharing his concerns. Then she hung up the phone and sighed.

A parcel and several envelopes arrived in the mail. She opened them between phone calls and read the letters. One was urgent, so she put it on her boss' desk. The others were bills that the office staff could deal with. She gave the bills to a staff member along with a list of things that needed to be done that day. She herself would not have time to make copies of letters, fold them and put them in envelopes and put stamps on the envelopes. She gave a copy of the letter to two other staff members and asked them to translate it into Chinese and Spanish.

The day was filled with a steady stream of callers. She stuck by the phone and answered each one. When she had a free moment, she called and postponed her dentist appointment. It would have to wait until another day. More calls came. She collected all of the callers' opinions. Before she left at the end of the day, she typed up a memo to the mayor letting him know what the public thought.

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