Crime and the Law 1

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  1. Tom has been _____________ of murder. If he's innocent, he'll have to prove it in court. (7)
  2. There's a huge ___________ in your story. You have no way to prove where you were on Saturday night between 11 p.m. and midnight. (3)
  3. The court says she is not fit to be a mother. The father has the children and she is ____________ to see them. (9)
  4. What are you going to arrest him for? He hasn't committed any ___________ yet. There's no law that says he can't be here. (5)
  5. There's no way the FBI could have tracked us. One of you guys must be an ______________! Which one of you have been talking to the Feds? (8)
  6. They put a blindfold over her eyes and taped her mouth shut. Then with a rope, they ___________ her wrists and ankles. (5)
  7. Where did they ____________ the money after the robbery? (4)
  8. The gangs fight with knives and ______________. Even the police are afraid of them. (6)
  9. How the prisoners dug their way out without being heard by the prison guards is still a _________________. (7)


  1. You'll need a lawyer to _____________ you in court. If you can't afford one, the state will provide one. (6)
  2. He got into trouble with the law and _____________ his friends down with him. (7)
  3. After digging up a lot of information, the detective was finally able to ____________ the case. (5)
  4. When the police ____________ him, they told him he had the right to remain silent. (8)
  5. A woman was here _____________ about you. I think she was a private eye (detective). (9)
  6. It started as a fist fight, but then I saw his ___________ come out. The next thing I knew, he stabbed me. (5)
  7. Because of his _____________ record, Matt found it impossible to find a good job. (8)
  8. He was found ____________ on three counts of murder. Now he'll be in prison for the rest of his life. (6)

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