Crime and the Law 2

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  1. Who was _______________ for the prisoners the night they escaped? I want to question him. (11)
  2. I've been proven "not guilty". Why do the neighbors still treat me with _________________. (9)
  3. He spoke with a ____________ accent. I'm sure it was fake. (8)
  4. The ___________ gangsters threatened people to 'pay up'. People paid them out of fear. (5)
  5. After the robbery, he got ________ of the gun by throwing it into the canal. (3)
  6. Do you think a murderer should be ______________ with life in prison or do you think he should die for what he did. (8)
  7. He learned to be tough when he did time in ______________. (6)
  8. In the Chinese movie, "World Without __________", Dumbo trusts everyone -- but he shouldn't.He is about to get robbed! (7)


  1. The FBI were there to ____________ the shipment of guns when they got to Columbia. (5)
  2. The detectives _____________ over the little bit of information they had. At first they couldn't make heads or tails of it. (7)
  3. In "The Client", Mark saw a mafia lawyer commit suicide. Being a ____________ of his death was dangerous for Mark. (7)
  4. She _____________ her husband so slowly that the hospital didn't find a trace of it in his blood. (8)
  5. The police are offering a ______________ to anyone with information that leads to the bank robber's arrest. (6)
  6. The man who was robbed didn't want to press charges, so the teenaged boy was ____________. He has a clean record. (8)
  7. Our _____________ was not the one that the witness picked out of the lineup. Now we have to let him go. (7)
  8. Sherlock Holmes is a ____________ detective. He notices every detail and they help him solve the case. (5)
  9. The police dogs picked up the ___________ of the criminal they were chasing. (5)
  10. If you ___________ the law, you won't have to worry about getting caught. (4)

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