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Relationships 1

This article uses words from the 1000-2000 range of the General Service List. Read it. Then answer the comprehension questions.

Tessa, do you still love me?

Tessa — her name sounds soft and gentle to my ears. I love to repeat her name again and again. Our relationship has grown so deep over the past year, I can’t imagine being without Tessa.

Tessa is my closest companion. That does not mean everything has always gone smoothly. There have been times that we’ve argued. In fact, we have gotten into some big arguments. Afterwards when we have had time to think it over, we apologize and forgive each other. It feels good to make up. It doesn’t feel good while we argue, but arguing, apologizing, and forgiving are better than avoiding certain topics. Now we can talk about just about anything. I admire Tessa for her open-mindedness.

One day I decided to test and see how open-minded Tessa really was. I put on a good act and confessed to her that I thought I was gay. There was an awkward silence. It lasted so long that I hated myself for saying it. The silence was suddenly broken as she cursed the day I was born. Then she broke down crying. She said she needed some time apart for awhile. It was my own fault, but I didn’t know if I would ever get my Tessa back.

One day as we went for a walk along the beach, she brought up the topic again. She said she felt hurt because I had let our relationship grow so deep before telling her I was gay. But she didn’t blame me. She wanted to discuss it. She wanted to understand. Again I admired her for her open-mindedness. Finally, I could tell her that I wasn’t really gay — that I just wanted to know how open-minded in her thinking she really was. I apologized for putting her through that. We kissed and made up, but something had changed.

How can Tessa really know which story is true? Which time had I lied and which time had I told the truth? She seems to trust me so I try not to ask myself these questions. Tonight I will finally know the answer — tonight when I give Tessa a diamond ring and ask her to marry me.

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