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Vocabulary Reading: Religion

This article uses words from the 1000-2000 range of the General Service List. Read it. Then answer the comprehension questions.

Although He is Dead, He Lives!

Everyone knew Randall. He was young, outgoing, and optimistic (樂觀). That's probably why he had so many friends. It was shocking for them all to hear the bad news that Randall had met with a terrible fate. He had died in a car accident on his way home from work. Friends and neighbors came to the funeral parlor (客廳) to pay their last respects to the young man who had died, and to comfort his family.

The funeral itself was held the next day in the church. The young man's body lay in a casket (棺材) at the front of the church. Everyone entered the church solemnly, went up to the casket and stood there a moment, then sat down.

The priest stood at the front of the church and spoke about the young man's life. He used this opportunity to preach to the people about God, who in His mercy saves us from our sins (罪). He assured (擔保) everyone there that he knew Randall was in heaven now, not because he had been a good man who had done good deeds in his life, but because he had believed God and accepted his saving grace. God’s holy Son, Jesus, had died as a sacrifice to pay the price for our sin. Satan (撒旦) thought he won that day when he saw Jesus dying on the cross (十字架). But it was Jesus who won the victory over the devil and rose (復活) from the grave. He came back to life; He is a living God. When Randall chose to trust God with his life, he no longer (再也不) belonged to the devil, but to God. So now, although in the flesh (肉體) he was dead, in the spirit (靈魂) was alive with God in heaven.

Then the priest prayed thanking God for Randall's life. He praised God for His power that was at work in Randall's life. Then he asked for God's blessing on the family as this was a difficult time for them.

The casket was then carried out of the church and put in a black car called a hearse (靈車). The hearse drove slowly through the town and a procession of cars followed from the church to the cemetery (公墓). The casket was then taken out of the car and lowered into the grave that had already been dug. The priest dropped the first handful of dirt on the casket. Everyone bowed their heads and prayed. They sang a song about being together again one day in heaven. What a glorious day that would be! Then the ceremony was over and a few men buried the casket with dirt.

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