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Sickness and Health

This article uses words from the 1000-2000 range of the General Service List. Read it. Then answer the comprehension questions.

I'm Afraid It's Bad News

Ben felt weak and faint so he went to the hospital for a health check up. He told the doctor that he often felt dizzy, thirsty, and had pain in his eyes. It felt like there was too much pressure building up in the liquid in his eyes.

The doctor told Ben that he has diabetes(糖尿病), a disease in which the body either does not produce or does resists the insulin (胰島素)it produces. Insulin helps the body change sugar, starch, and other food into energy. The doctor told him all about the disease so that he could do his best to look after himself. For now, he will be able to control the disease by making a conscious effort to watch his diet. He needs to make a habit of avoiding sugar.

No matter how careful he is, the disease will gradually get worse. But if he isn’t careful enough, the disease will progress more quickly. Eventually, he will probably need to test his blood sugar and give himself an insulin shot with a needle. He doesn’t like the thought of giving himself a needle. He hates the sudden stinging feeling when a needle pokes his skin, but it is something he may have to learn to do. If his diabetes gets out of control, he could faint and go into a coma (昏睡(狀態);昏迷). This unconscious state is really dangerous. He could even die. There are many other problems related to diabetes. Ben is more likely to have poor blood circulation (循環,環流;運行) which means he is also more likely to have heart problems. He is also more likely to have kidney (腎臟) problems. His diabetes could even cause him to go blind. Ben can’t imagine losing his sight.

Ben feels upset about his poor health. So far, there isn’t a cure. But he will do his best to listen to his doctor’s advice and look after himself. He finds some comfort in knowing there is something he can do.

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