Vocabulary Reading:

Vocabulary Reading: Travel and Geography 2

This article uses words from the 1000-2000 range of the General Service List. Read it. Then answer the comprehension questions.

Hiking the East Coast

We began our journey in Hualian and hiked (步行) along a path through the flat plane between the ocean and the mountain cliffs. Then the path started to rise up a gentle slope. It was still quite straight so we headed directly for the mountain. We continued at a smooth and steady pace (步速), seldom stopping to rest. We didn't carry much stuff in our packs because we were just doing a day trip. That afternoon, the path got steeper and we moved more slowly as the trail (小徑) doubled back and forth up the mountain. We checked our map frequently to make sure we were headed in the right direction. We didn't want to waste time and energy wandering aimlessly. By late afternoon we had reached a Ami tribal village.

Our hike had taken us much longer than we had expected, so we would have to stay overnight. We had to find lodging in the village; we couldn't camp out as we had not brought any tents for shelter. There were a couple small inns to stay at. We chose the one with polished wooden floors because it looked so clean and bright. It was still daylight, so we climbed up the signal tower. It was an amazing view from there. I took lots of photographs. Back at the traveller's inn, the people were friendly and the food was good. We even had the opportunity to eat some traditional Ami food that we weren't accustomed to. We sang some Karaoke songs until we all decided to retire for the night. The fresh mountain air had done us good, so that night we all slept well.

Meanwhile, clouds had rolled in. When we woke up, the whole village was buried in a misty cloud (霧氣覆蓋的). It would be easy to catch cold on this damp autumn morning. An international traveller offered us a ride back to Hualian by car. He was touring and island alone and said he would enjoy the companionship of a few passengers for awhile. Since it looked like rain, we accepted his offer. We put all our stuff in the trunk of the car and headed back to Hualian.

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