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Start story: Joan to the Rescue [New: 2008/03/09]

Introducing "Joan to the Rescue"

Joan wasn't the adventuresome type. Her idea of adventure was curling up on the sofa with a good book. She didn't ask for this adventure. It was pushed on her. She had no choice! But do something, she must! Take Joan through problem after problem until she accomplishes her mission.

Join in the fun! These stories are being written by all of us. This is your opportunity to practice your writing, be creative, and share your writing with other visitors to this site.

Read the story from the beginning, then add the next paragraph. What do you think should happen next? As you add your part, think not only about the plot (what happens in the story), but also about the people in the story. Try to develop their character so that they 'come alive' to the reader.

Are you ready? Let's begin!

New Stories to Write:

Joan to the Rescue [New: 2008/03/09]